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Getting Over It” is a unique arcade-style climbing game where players strategically maneuver a hammer to ascend a mountain. The game emphasizes physics-based gameplay and challenges players to progress as far as possible without succumbing to frustration.

Playing Instructions

  • Proceed cautiously: Rushing may result in setbacks.
  • Stay composed and persist: Mastery requires repeated attempts.
  • Utilize the hammer skillfully for navigation, especially in complex sections.

About the Game “Getting Over It” is a creative variant of the popular “Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy.” While the core gameplay remains similar, this version boasts a distinct theme. Players control a cat in a flowerpot, scaling an array of vibrant blocks and oversized fruits. Echoing the original, it presents a challenging and unforgiving experience.

Similar Games Though “Getting Over It” stands out with its unique gameplay, there are other games featuring challenging obstacle navigation. Titles such as “Short Life 2” and “Vex 6” offer comparable experiences. For an alternative yet equally engaging and difficult game, try “Eggy Car.”

Release Information

  • Release Date: April 2020

Development and Platform

  • Developer: Griffpatch created this Scratch adaptation, drawing inspiration from “Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.”
  • Available on: Web browsers


  • Control the movement using your mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Playing for Free: “Getting Over It” is accessible for free on CrazyGames.
  • Improving Skills: Success in the game comes with patience and continuous practice.

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